Режевской карьер – новый карьер по добыче камня плитняка.

Режевской тракт, 59-60км по левую сторону при движении из Екатеринбурга.

Предприятие ООО «Камни Урала» - предприятие по добыче природного камня плитняка.

Наше предприятие ООО «Камни Урала» является предприятием недропользователь. Лицензию на добычу мы получили в 2009 году, провели сертификацию плитняка, получили разрешительные документы.

В 2012 году была произведена вскрыша участка, произведена рубка леса.

На сегодняшний день, мы осуществляем добычу и реализацию Режевского камня плитняка, производим распиловку камня.

Плитняк Режевской добываем ручным способом с помощью лома, клина и кувалды. Пласты плитняка залегают горизонтальными слоями и различаются по толщине.

Добыча плитняка Режевской осуществляется круглогодично, зимой – добываем и складируем, летом – грузим, грузим и добываем, добываем. Режевской плитняк уже более 20 лет широко используется в строительстве, соответственно спрос на нашу продукцию особенно большой в летний период.

Грузим Режевской плитняк в машины самосвалы, погрузку осуществляем тоже вручную, выкладывая камень плитняк по площади всего кузова ровными слоями.

Работать с нами выгодно и удобно. Камни Урала - Режевское месторождение гранитного камня плитняка.


Beyond the chance to practice against a different opponent and see how they measure up, Peyton Manning Jerseysthis week's joint practices with the Denver Broncos also give the San Francisco 49ers a leg up in another area: roster building.

Though NFL teams always send pro scouts to preseason games all over the league to scour other rosters for potential additions after cut-down day, the joint practices offer a chance for those personnel departments to get in-person evaluations at the highest level.Von Miller JerseysIn the case of the 49ers and Broncos, it gives general managers John Lynch and John Elway -- who, by the way, are close friends -- an opportunity to evaluate the other's roster for potential cuts and possible trades.

Lynch acknowledged after the first shared workout Wednesday that those conversations do take place in this type of setting.

"Well, that's going on in the league," Lynch said. DeMarcus Ware Jerseys"It's kind of that time of year, where people are calling and saying, 'Hey, you're strong here, we're strong here. Let's just kind of keep these things in mind.' And, this is a great opportunity to do that. So, we did have some of those discussions. The greatest thing is lots of times you're throwing in a preseason game. We get a chance for three days to look at some people we might be interested in. So, you're always doing that. I think they're doing that as well and it's another productive thing out of this week."

After 10 days of training camp, Lynch's staff and coach Kyle Shanahan's staff sat down for a personnel meeting to evaluate what's in place and what they might need moving forward. Those conversations are ongoing, Demaryius Thomas Jerseysbut it's not too early to identify positions of strength and weakness.

For example, the 49ers look to have more capable players than they can keep on the defensive line with names such as Quinton Dial, Ronald Blair and others getting pushed for their jobs. The Broncos, Emmanuel Sanders Jerseysmeanwhile, have been ravaged by injury on the defensive line and could potentially use depth. San Francisco could use depth at cornerback and on the interior of the offensive line.